Top 5 Least Intelligent Dogs

You may have heard someone call their pet a “dumb dog” or “stupid”, but according to recent news reports these five breeds actually qualify. Previously, we showed you a list of the Top 25 Most Intelligent Dogs. To follow up on that, we have the Top 5 Least Intelligent Dogs.  That’s not to say these won’t make loving, loyal companions, but this gives food for thought when it comes to your pet dog selection.

1) Borzois – Also known as the Russian Wolfhound, these dogs have great hunting instincts to the point they will even naturally chase a pet cat that is moving quickly. They aren’t necessarily territorial when it comes to other domestic dogs, and they tend to lack the dog-fighting skills other dogs have. While they are considered intelligent learners, they’re also prone to being stubborn and unmotivated in training. According to Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs they ranked 75 out of 78 dog breeds. All that said, these dogs still get along great with humans and can become big couch potatoes as well.

2) Chow Chows – These small, cute and fluffy dogs were first introduced in Mongolia over 4,000 years ago and then made their way to China They make excellent house pets and have a sturdy build. Despite the fact they bond well with their family and masters, they also can have a hard time with strangers. Owners and Chow Chow enthusiasts claim that they have a “different” kind of intelligence in that they are natural problem solvers and need non-repetitive tasks so that boredom doesn’t set in. They rank 76th on The Intelligence of Dogs list.

3) Bulldogs – The British or English Bulldogs are known for their generally rough, tough physical appearance. They are very docile yet fast at times depending on the situation. There’s also a saying “stubborn as a bulldog” which has quite a bit of truth to it. These dogs work well in apartments or homes, but aren’t for active owners as they tend to like to travel just short distances. They also bark rarely and aren’t as excitable as other dogs. They recently were tied with the Basenji on the dog intelligence list, near the bottom of the bunch.

4) Basenjis – These are great hunting dogs that originated in breeds in Africa. What makes these hounds different is they are considered a “barkless dog” as they make a strange yodel type sound instead. They also clean themselves like a cat. It’s been said many problems that Basenjis have are a result of their pairing with the wrong type of owner. They do best with more mature and considerate handlers. While it ranks 4th here on least intelligent dogs, the Basenji is smart with regards to its ability to climb fences and cleverly get its own way.

5) Afghan Hounds – These dogs while they have a unique appearance with high maintenance coats, thick, silky fur and ring tails. They also rank low in terms of “obedience intelligence”. The Afghan Hounds tend to be more independent, almost cat-like in their behaviors, and can commonly ignore human commands. Sorry to say, they rank dead last in terms of dog intelligence, but can still make comedic, entertaining and playful pets.

It’s up for debate just how unintelligent the dogs listed above are, as they most likely vary in different situations. There’s also been some discussion of whether it’s smart for us humans to own a less smart pet. The last thing you want is a dog who is trying to outsmart you or manipulating with its behavior.

According to Stanley Coren, what sets the smartest dogs apart from the less intelligent may be the age of the breed. Some of the more intelligent dogs have been trained by humans for years to do specific tasks while the newer ones are still learning. So quite possibly you can teach an old dog (breed) new tricks?

Story info source: CNN

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