Snuggies for Pet Dogs

You’ve more than likely seen those commercial or infomercials for “Snuggies”.  Snuggies are the part robe, part blanket clothing items that people can wear to keep warm, while still having sleeves.  They allow mobility so you can read or use your arms but are made from a blanket-like fleece.  Snuggies tend to come in several colors such as red and blue to allow personal choice as well.

Well the good news now is that they’ve introduced Snuggies for Dogs.  These are specifically designed with your pet dog in mind, made of warm, ultra soft fleece which can be used indoors or outdoors.  The Snuggie for your dog is also machine washable.  There’s just two color choices, pink or blue, but four sizes to fit all but the largest sized dogs.  Extra Small will fit a dog that is 6-7 inches in length, small will fit 8-11 inch dogs, medium 12-15 inch dogs and large for 16-22 inch dogs.

The cost for these new dog clothing items is just $14.95 per dog Snuggie and they include a free bonus of 2 recordable Dog tags.  The dog tags allow you to record a message such as your dog’s name, address or phone number in case the dog is lost.  The shipping charge for it all runs $7.95.

There’s even a special provision that you can select a “buy 1 get 1 free” set of Snuggies for Dogs after you make your initial purchase.  So now you can stay warm with your dog, both wearing Snuggies during the coldest weather!

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