Professional Pet Sitter Services

Does your pet dog or cat need special attention while you’re away on business or pleasure travel? Perhaps boarding your dog or cat in a kennel is traumatic and causes illness to your animal. You may even have considered transporting your pet from city to city with Pet Airways airline for dogs and cats, but would prefer to leave the pets home. In any of these situations, a Pet sitter might be perfect for you!

Believe it or not, pet sitters and professional pet sitter services have become increasingly popular these days. There used to be limited options for pet owners in terms of how to deal with their animals while away. It was either the kennel or having a friend/family member look after them, inconveniencing them. Pet sitters are basically “pet caregivers” who will look after your animals while you’re away on a trip. They help to minimize the trauma of having your dog or cat put in a kennel with other animals, or the trauma of having your dog travel. Petsitters are highly professional, so there’s no need to worry if they will do what’s best for your animal while you’re away on travel. There’s even the NAPPS, which is the National Association of Professional Pet sitters. NAPPS provides integrity and education in addition to various networking opportunities for its members.

A pet sitter doesn’t just come to your home and watch your pets or play games with them. They will let your pets out for bathroom breaks, take them on walks, make sure they have a good supply of food and water at regular times, and can even perform additional tasks. For example, they may bring your trash bins in and out for pickup, bring in your mail and newspaper, and turn lights on in the home to give it that “lived-in” look, keeping would be intruders away. Some may even provide dog grooming so your dog is looking even more handsome or beautiful upon your return home.

Many of the pet sitter services also provide a detailed write-up of your pet’s behavior while you were away, including any potential issues encountered or other important notes. Hiring a professional to keep an eye on your pets may be the best way to go to avoid boarding your dog or bringing it along on the trip. Since these are professionals with standards, you won’t have to worry while you’re off on business or pleasure travel. Be sure to investigate whichever service you go with fully before making the commitment. For more information, have a look at to learn about how to find the right petsitter for your situation!

You can also use Pet Sitter International’s Pet Sitter Locator here.

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