Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

Portuguese Water Dog

When considering Hypoallergenic Dogs, the Portuguese Water Dog may be an excellent dog breed choice for allergy sufferers.  The PWD is one of several dogs that are considered well suited for pet owners who suffer from dog allergies. The reason is these dogs do not shed hair very much at all. They also are one of several breeds which has a single-coat, and they come in two varieties, either with curly hair or wavy hair. Dog allergies typically arise from proteins found in dog hair and dander, so when the dog isn’t shedding it’s less likely that these irritating particles will be present in the home or around areas the dog frequents.

It is important for the Portuguese Water Dog owner to know that their hair can continue growing longer and longer if not groomed regularly. This hair growth can lead to problems such as it growing over the dogs eyes and blocking vision, or causing matting of the hair leading to skin irritations. It’s important for Portuguese Water Dog owners to brush out their hair between the normal grooming sessions.

The Portuguese Water Dog makes an excellent household pet which makes an excellent companion both indoors and outdoors. The dog tends to bond with one primary family member and stays close to them. They are people-oriented and prefer companionship to isolation. While great with children the PWD can be rough if left unsupervised around young children. They also tend to be extremely loyal, independent and intelligent and are able to follow complex commands. These dogs have generally been used as therapy dogs or dogs for the hearing impaired. They can be trained to bark loudly at the sound of a telephone or doorbell for example. The PWD tends to have a loud distinctive bark which they use to warn of intruders or strangers on the family property, or they use to communicate wants to their owners. One other skill these dogs possess is swimming due to their webbed feet. The PWD used to help villagers fishing and retrieving lost items or people overboard in deep water.

These dogs may not be the right companion for every person though. While they are very smart, they require consistent exercise and mental challenge. They are far from lazy, dormant dogs, as they can become bored and turn destructive, going after the garbage or food that is left unattended in the kitchen. Portuguese Water Dog are prone to two eye diseases including Cataracts and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). The PWD is also susceptible to Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) just as poodles are. In addition, PWD’s can develop two fatal conditions: Storage Disease (GM-1), and Juvenile Dilated Cardiomyopathy (JDCM)

It is generally recommended that a prospective owner with dog allergies or other allergies spends some time around the Portuguese Water Dog to determine if it will be a good, tolerable pet for them.

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  1. i use one of the rubber grooming gloves on my lab – that and a shedding blade work best. If you find something else that works through these suggestions please let me know!

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