Pomeranian Dogs & Puppies

Pomeranian Puppy Dog

Pomeranian Puppy Dog

The small toy breed Pomeranian dog is considered a great choice for pet owners with dog allergies or without. While no dog is truly considered a hypoallergenic dog, the Pomeranian dogs have a minimal amount of dander which can cause allergy irritations to allergy sufferers. In addition, the Pomeranian’s small size makes it easy to wash these dogs, even in a sink, so they have low-maintenance.  They offer excellent companionship and a high level of intelligence, making them an excellent choice for anyone who may want to have a smaller pet in their home.

Pomeranians come from the same breed of dogs, the Spitz group, as another hypoallergenic dog, the Samoyed.  Poms have become more popular due to several famous owners: Queen Victoria of England as well as Fran Drescher on the hit sitcom “The Nanny”.    They are notable for having double-coats that are all-weather protectant against heat, cold, rain or snow.   Weighing in at 4 to 7 pounds with high foreheads, they are attractive small dogs which give great companionship.   They’ve seen their share of the spotlight at dog shows as well as in nursing homes or therapeutic environments due to their intelligent, spirited and loyal nature.

Pomeranians are playful, friendly, protective, intelligent dogs who are easily trained making for great house pets and companions. These dogs are true extroverts and extremely active. While they come in many colors or varieties, orange and red seem to be the most popular colors to choose for Pomeranian puppies.  Due to their small sizes (typically 3-7 lbs), they’re often seen as pet fashion accessories, being carried around due to their small size, but they don’t like to be overhandled.  Often, the Pomeranian puppies or dogs are content to stay at their owner’s feet loyally for long periods of time. It’s generally advised that Pomeranian dogs be constantly kept indoors, fenced in or on a leash.  They may do best in small apartments or condominiums.  Poms are also well-suited to be around kids aged 3 years if they are raised with them.  Their intelligence and loyalty makes them easily trained.   However, one precaution is to not train these dogs too closely around peoples’ feet as these dogs can easily be stepped on causing injury.

In terms of grooming, since Pomeranians have a thick, plush coat, it is recommended that they be brushed daily or twice weekly at least, to keep their hair from matting.   Some owners may even prefer to keep their coats short and trim.  It’s also advised that specific attention is given to ear, nail and teeth care.   Pomeranians tend to be susceptible to teeth problems, so at least a once- a-week brushing will be a good habit.  Dental and dog vitamin treats can also help with this.

Some of the health problems Pomeranians can face include Legg-Calve-Perthes syndrome and hip dysplasia, as well as collapsing trachea, and Patent ductus arteriosus- a cogenital heart defect. Other health concerns include: skin diseases, Dry Eye and other eye diseases, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, and hypoglycemia. The skin problems can lead to allergies for the Pomeranian such as dermatitis or hot spots on their skin.

The Pomeranian dog will definitely make a suitable household pet for any dog allergy sufferer as well as those who want a loyal, intelligent, lively and vigilant companion.

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