Pet Airways – 1st Class Dog Airline Travel!

Need to transport your pet between cities, or to travel with your pet?   Pet Airways is a brand new airline that recently started up this past Tuesday.  The first of the traveling pet airlines, it was started by Alysa Binder and Dan Wiesel after their Jack Russell Terrier took a less-than-desirable ride as part of a plane’s cargo. The goal: to safely transport people’s pets between cities. As of right now there five cities that Pet Airways flys to: New York, Washington, Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles.  While pet tickets aren’t considered dirt cheap airline tickets, they do offer some one-way fares at $200 or so, which is very comparable to the fees at other US airlines who fly pets. The airlines’ site touts fares for as low as $199 from NY to Chicago and LA to Chicago, before other fees/charges.

Pet Airways offers better service than those airlines though, with pets receiving first class treatment, flying in the main cabin rather than as cargo. The planes are Suburban Air Freight planes which will fly cats and dogs in them. These freight planes feature pet cabin airlines with carriers rather than seats, with space for about 50 animals total. Attendants check on the animals every 15 minutes during a flight. If a pet dog or cat is flown from NY to LA, the overall trip takes 24 hours with a bathroom break, play time, dinner and then overnight bunking before resuming the trip the following day. Pets are then picked up at the “Pet Lounge” at your ending destination, or they are boarded overnight at the PAWS Lodge if an owner can’t pick them up right away.  Sounds like a terrific way to ensure your canine or feline makes it safely and pleasantly to your desired destination!

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