Hypoallergenic Dogs

Some dog owners decide to suffer from the nasty effects of dog allergies, which is not advised by most allergists.  The allergists generally voice concerns that having a dog allergy and continuing to associate with a dog that irritates your allergies can worsen your asthma and overall allergies.  In some cases, some people opt for what are termed “hypoallergenic dogs“, because they are easier to be around than regular dog breeds.  According to a May 2008 article in Dog Fancy magazine, people with dog allergies are generally allergic to dogs with fur, not dogs with hair.  It’s also important to note there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dogs, rather dogs that are better for those who suffer from dog allergies.  Scientists have yet to confirm hypoallergenesis in dogs.  For that reason, certain breeds of dogs tend to work better with allergy sufferers than others.

Examples of dogs who may be better suited for those who suffer from dog allergies include include poodles, the designer hybrids known as “Labradoodles”, wirehaired terriers, Lhasa Apsos, and Shih Tzus.  It’s recommended that someone with dog allergies spend more time around the type(s) of dog they may be interested in getting to see how they react.  Refer to the list below for more hypoallergenic dog breeds you might consider if you currently suffer from dog allergies but want the presence of a puppy in your abode.

Hypoallergenic Dog breeds:

The Greyhound dogs are known as dogs with short hair and a single coat.  Dobermans, Maltese, Portuguese Water Dogs and Scottish Terriers make good choices for allergic pet owners, because none of those breeds of dog shed.  Samoyeds and Pomeranians have minimal dander or none at all, which is generally what dog allergy sufferers react to. The Bearded Collie and Yorkshire Terriers are both interesting breeds of dog with the same pH in their hair as human hair.  The Peruvian Inca Orchi and Xoloitzcuintli are both ideal for allergy sufferers since they don’t have any hair at all.  This of course is a personal preference depending on how you like your dog to look and feel when you pet it.

As you can see even if you’re allergic to dogs in general you don’t have to forgo getting a household pet and companion.  Select a dog which is considered “hypoallergenic“, or spend some time around various dog breeds to find a pet that’s compatible with you and your allergies!

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