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Getting Rid of Fleas from your Dog & Life!

If your dog has a flea problem then so do you.  Even though they are very tiny pests, they’re quite annoying and cause lots of issues in the home.  Fleas can go all over the place, leaving bites on humans and causing irritation to the skin.   They’re also an annoyance to your pet dog as […]

Portuguese Water Dog

When considering Hypoallergenic Dogs, the Portuguese Water Dog may be an excellent dog breed choice for allergy sufferers.  The PWD is one of several dogs that are considered well suited for pet owners who suffer from dog allergies. The reason is these dogs do not shed hair very much at all. They also are one […]

Dog Allergies

Do you suffer from dog allergies but can’t bring yourself to part with your pampered puppy? Find yourself constantly sneezing or itching due to your pet dog? Many humans today suffer the effects of dander allergies caused when they come into contact with proteins that are part of their dog’s saliva, skin or hair. These […]

Dog Grooming: How to Give a Dog a Bath

One of the best grooming habits to get into with your pet dog is giving them a regular bath. How often you should give your dog a bath really comes down to its level of activity, if it goes outdoors often, if it stays on furniture or beds, and if anyone in the home is […]