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Top 5 Least Intelligent Dogs

You may have heard someone call their pet a “dumb dog” or “stupid”, but according to recent news reports these five breeds actually qualify. Previously, we showed you a list of the Top 25 Most Intelligent Dogs. To follow up on that, we have the Top 5 Least Intelligent Dogs.  That’s not to say these […]

Dogs Scared of Thunder & Storms – What to Do

Is your dog afraid of thunder or bad storms?  Does your pet dog get scared, nervous behavior prior to and during thunderstorms?  Well this is a common problem amongst many dog owners.  Some dogs have such a serious issue with this that they may vomit due to fear, or even attempt to break out of […]

Training: How to Stop your Dog from Barking

Training Your Dog How to Stop Barking You’ve most likely have heard the phrase “its bark is worse than its bite” in reference to someone’s pet dog, which many pet owners find to be very true, and you may even wonder about how to stop your dog from barking.  A dog barks as its means […]