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Getting Rid of Fleas from your Dog & Life!

If your dog has a flea problem then so do you.  Even though they are very tiny pests, they’re quite annoying and cause lots of issues in the home.  Fleas can go all over the place, leaving bites on humans and causing irritation to the skin.   They’re also an annoyance to your pet dog as […]

Canine Hip Dysplasia Symptoms & Treatment

Canine hip dysplasia is a problem that causes pain and lameness for the dog suffering from it.  It can become a lengthy and serious problem, turning in to a progressive osteoarthritis.  While hip dysplasia can occur in all breeds of dogs, it is most common within the larger breeds.  German shepherds, rottweilers and Labrador/golden retrievers […]

Dogs Scared of Thunder & Storms – What to Do

Is your dog afraid of thunder or bad storms?  Does your pet dog get scared, nervous behavior prior to and during thunderstorms?  Well this is a common problem amongst many dog owners.  Some dogs have such a serious issue with this that they may vomit due to fear, or even attempt to break out of […]

Acid Reflux in Dogs

Believe it or not the same irritable condition that develops in humans, acid reflux, can also develop in our pet dogs.  Acid reflux in dogs can lead to heartburn conditions.  These conditions can also lead to your dog being less active and having a low appetite, as well as refusing to eat its normal meals.  […]