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Snuggies for Pet Dogs

You’ve more than likely seen those commercial or infomercials for “Snuggies”.  Snuggies are the part robe, part blanket clothing items that people can wear to keep warm, while still having sleeves.  They allow mobility so you can read or use your arms but are made from a blanket-like fleece.  Snuggies tend to come in several […]

Portuguese Water Dog

When considering Hypoallergenic Dogs, the Portuguese Water Dog may be an excellent dog breed choice for allergy sufferers.  The PWD is one of several dogs that are considered well suited for pet owners who suffer from dog allergies. The reason is these dogs do not shed hair very much at all. They also are one […]

Acid Reflux in Dogs

Believe it or not the same irritable condition that develops in humans, acid reflux, can also develop in our pet dogs.  Acid reflux in dogs can lead to heartburn conditions.  These conditions can also lead to your dog being less active and having a low appetite, as well as refusing to eat its normal meals.  […]